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Windows Operating System Review
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Top Ten Reviews no longer updates this category and keeps it here for archiving purposes only. It was last updated in March 2014.
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Windows Operating System Review
Training Available
Media/Entertainment Features
Media Player
Media Center
Syncs to Portable Devices
Photo Editor/ Slideshow
Supports Xbox 360 Access to Files
Plug and Play Gaming Controls Available
DVD and CD Burning Software
Security Features
Internet Connection Firewall
Antivirus Software
Download Manager
User-Level Access Control
IEEE 802.1x Security Protocol
File Encryption System
Parental Controls
Malicious Software Removal Tool
UAC securty level
UAC securty level
UAC securty level
Networking Features
Simple Networking
Networking Wizards
Language Support
Roaming User Profiles
Network Diagnostics
Administration Tools
Mobile Features
Battery Life Enhancements
Saves Online Files for Offline Use
Detects/Connects to Wireless Access Points
Adjusts to Static or Dynamic IP Addresses Automatically
Other Features
Backward Compatible
Software Installation and Maintenance
Automatically Adjusts to Hardware
Backup and Restore Center
Speech Recognition/ Voice Control
Tablet PC Support
Windows Search
Jump Lists
Snipping Tool
Aero Shake
Technical Help/Support
Telephone Support
System Restore
Remote Assistance
Automatic Updates
Device Driver Rollback
Set-up Wizard
System Requirements
Processing Speed
1 GHz
233 MHz
800 MHz
233 MHz
800 MHz
1 GB
128 MB
512* MB
128 MB
512 MB
Hard Disk Space
16 GB
15 GB
15 GB
15 GB
15 GB